Clarity Breathwork sessions are two hours in length. The first session includes a thorough interview where we explore your current life situation and relationships as well as reflect on your family background, birth story, childhood, family patterns and dynamics, past relationships and how they may be affecting your life.  We then take some time to ground and center ourselves and set an intention for the session.


We are now ready to start the one-hour Breathwork session where life-changing discoveries and insights often begin to reveal themselves. During the hour of breathing, you maintain a circular connected open mouth breath that is full, yet gentle, with no pauses in between. At the close of the session, we take some time to settle and integrate whatever mental, physical or emotional information was experienced.  Then there is time to share your experience and understand or interpret the process on a deeper level. Before closing the session I’ll often offer suggestions and possible assignments to integrate into your daily life to work on until your next session.