Passion & Connection

Being connected in mind, body and soul. Living an authentic inspired life, supporting my soul by constantly learning. Exposing myself to inspirational spiritual teachers so that I can live in alignment with myself and inspire others to do so as well.


When dealing with my daughter’s learning disability that impacted her emotional well being I stopped at nothing to get her the best support so that she could build learning strategies and her self esteem could be restored. I share the same sentiment about my clarity breathwork clients. This journey can be bumpy and supporting them along the way as they process and sometimes want to give up is something I strive to do with love and compassion.

Authentically Humble

When I was faced with a marriage that was crumbling and nearly emotionally broke me in the process, I learned to endure, look within, forgive and take responsibility for myself. After healing old wounds and patterns that were manifesting in my life, I resurfaced with greater inner strength and confidence. I can hold space for people without judgment while they go through their darkest hours; .holding them during moments of sorrow knowing and gently guiding them through the transformational process. Releasing what no longer is necessary, accepting them as they are and moving forward with love and gratitude for themselves so they could live their fullest potential.


My entire life I seemed to have attracted people who are in need of a listening ear or guidance. Since experiencing my own transformation I had this yearning to support others. I was looking for a healing modality to share and was enrolled in an energy healing program when I stumbled upon breathwork.  I knew immediately this was it! I find great fulfillment in helping people find inner peace through clarity breathwork because everything they need is already in them. The breath opens to the infinite possibilities locked within us. Supporting someone through breathwork is like holding their hand, with encouragement, while they receive the messages and unravel what insights come their way, freeing them of subconscious beliefs that are holding them in patterns or preventing them from living their life to the fullest potential.



As my world was unravelling, I was intuitively drawn deeper into the metaphysical world of spiritual and subtle energetics. I participated in Integrative energy healing workshops through Langara college, continued the ongoing study of a course in miracles and Marianne Williamsons interpretations of the teachings.  Studied the energy anatomy series by Carolyn Myss and Chakra systems by Anodea Judith. Participated on an ongoing basis in the 10 week self guided meditation process - The Presence process - by Michael Brown to help understand the source of our issue. Inspired by the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle, Dr Wayne Dyer and Elizabeth Lesser. Studied how our thoughts influence our happiness and mental health by Byron Katie and the scientific and biological basis of our energetic body Dr Bruce Lipton in the Biology of Belief