Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Breathwork Sessions Are Recommended?

Clarity breathwork is a natural and gentle process that has a tendency to reveal information and insights in layers as you are ready to receive them. Although any amount of breathwork is beneficial. A ten session package is highly recommended to achieve long-term transformation as it allows time and space for you to process and integrate between each session and implement any change of habits, patterns or behaviour that are no longer serving your best interest.

Why Choose Clarity Breathwork?

We are all told breathing is automatic. Unfortunately, when we are stressed, anxious, depressed or heartbroken our breathing is adversely affected. When this happens, our reactivity throws us out of harmony and our body ends up holding any tension or stress that results. There are many forms of breathwork available today for people to choose from. All have many healing benefits. Clarity breathwork is a safe, non cathartic form of breathing that gently accesses the subconscious to help release limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from living your full potential. Many people choose to practice breathwork to improve their: Emotional Wellbeing

  • Understanding the root of feelings of sadness, anxiety and need to control
  • Releasing anger and fear and replacing with self love and acceptance
  • Releasing stress that is contributing to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety
Mental Wellbeing
  • Manifesting self love and trusting their inner voice and intuition
  • Positive mindset and visionary potential
  • Improving brain fogginess and creative blocks opening to infinite potential
Physical Well-being
  • Symptoms of insomnia
  • Release of physical tension & blockages

How Much Does It Cost?

Initial Private sessions (120 mins) - $175/session Subsequent Private and couple sessions - $85- $150 per session Group Sessions (3+ participants) (90 mins) - $35/person Group Sessions (3 + participants) (90 mins) - $40/person

Where Do Sessions Take Place?

Once a breathwork session has been scheduled we will determine the appropriate space for your session.

  1. Private sessions - Breathworx Studio
  2. Couples Sessions - Breathworx Studio
  3. Group Sessions (6 people max) - Breathworx Studio
  4. Larger Group Sessions - Local Yoga Studio - Location TBA

What Happens During A Couples or Group Clarity Breathwork Session?

We start the breathwork session with a short explanation of the breathing technique and some of the physical sensations one might experience during the session. Followed by a brief check-in and intention setting and then everyone lays on a yoga mat with pillows and blankets so that they are warm and comfortable. The group is cued to start the circular connected breathing and soft music is played in the background. Everyone breathes together in a guided pattern for one hour. Ann Marie moves around the room offering light touch and questioning for those comfortable with it to evoke a deeper experience. During the breathing you may notice that a natural coherence in the mind and body is restored. Questions or concerns that otherwise seemed illusive may show up clearer. The inward journey can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual depending on where someone is in that moment. As we near the end of the breathing session Ann Marie will guide the group back to a regular pattern of breathing to reflect and reintegrate with the body. Once grounded and seated, an opportunity to journal any thoughts or insights received from the session is available. We then regroup in a circle and anyone who wants to share their experience is welcome to do so. The energy and connection in the group after a session is always very different then before. Even those who are typically reserved may find themselves sharing their experience with the group. Ann Marie will then close the session with some take home exercises or practices that can build upon the healing process of the breathwork until the next session.

Will I Feel Comfortable Breathing/Processing In A Group?

I can appreciate the initial concern as you would think processing such deep work in a group setting could be uncomfortable. It is quite amazing even with the close proximity of people breathing together and regardless of the number, how people are able stay in their own space. You may be conscious of people releasing emotions or talking around you but you are so deep in your own processing that it doesn’t touch you in the same way as it would outside of breathwork. In fact the energy of the group can be so powerful that it amplifies the experience in a way that differs from doing breathwork on your own.

What Are The Lasting Effects?

Clarity breathwork is an exploratory therapy. Through this practice, achieving the growth, ease, alignment and happiness you want to create will become clearer. Your focus will sharpen naturally and the clarity to bring your gifts out into the world will clearly manifest. The more time and energy you commit to this process, the more lasting benefits you will likely see. It takes time, patience and discipline to change long standing behaviours and patterns. What breathwork has the ability to do is access the subconscious where often the source of the issue has been safely tucked away for quite some time. Once we can shine light on our earliest experiences, make peace and offer forgiveness where necessary many of the habits, patterns and behaviours will softly start slipping away as you become more aware of your true essence and adopt a more conscious way of living.