Hi! My name is Ann Marie Lewis, a humbled Breathwork facilitator called to the work while navigating my own journey of personal healing and transformation. Clarity Breathwork is a practice of rebirth and before being shaken from my reality and surrendering to a more present and authentic way of living, I have enjoyed a life that many would have considered whole and complete. 


Happily married with two beautiful daughters, a successful career first as an entrepreneur, and later transitioning into pharmaceutical and natural health sales, a great circle of friends and the freedom to enjoy the good life. As my world started to unhinge, perplexed as to why it needed to unravel at all, it forced me to look inwards as the outer world was not able to provide me with the joy and peace I craved.  The breathwork that I surrendered to revealed patterns that were crushing my spirit as well as visions that lead me in a direction my heart was desiring all along. It helped me breakthrough limiting beliefs, heal trauma and find the light within me to live my truth and experience inner peace.


Grateful for the journey that was bestowed upon me, I receive incredible fulfillment supporting and empowering others to tap into their own power and inner light. 

“I was introduced to breathwork while going through my own breaking open process, a period of my life where I lost touch with myself and truly felt dead inside...It helped me address the source of my pain, which was reliving itself through my current life situation, healing the inner child so I could forgive and move on living from a more authentic place.”

After experiencing the transformative benefits of her own healing journey, Ann Marie feels compelled to share the gift of inner exploration and self-love with her community. Years of immersing herself in the work and wisdom of inspirational spiritual teachers, energy healers and medical intuitive's like Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, a Course In Miracles and studying the human energy field along with the deep work she has done herself have influenced her to pursue her own breathwork practice.  She is inspired to support others as they embark on their own personal healing journey while balancing the needs of her family and continuing to pursue her own personal passions. 

“I knew after the first breathwork session that this was a gift I felt compelled to share with others.”

Ann Marie practices clarity breathwork with compassion, authenticity, and integrity. On her life’s journey, she has been blessed to have worked with many inspiring souls.  She strives to harness that energy with her clients, supporting wherever the breath will take them. Ann Marie aspires to empower her clients to unleash their inner fire, overcome any limiting beliefs so they can live out their life’s true purpose and passions.


To learn more about what inspired Ann Marie and to begin feeling connected to her, read her story here. 


The Awakening 

The Journey Continues